Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Some Public Toilets Are a Bit Too Public

We never know what we will come across on an early morning walk round the village:

2014-08-20 06.44.07

2014-08-20 06.44.16

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday Twister - Guess What

gold star

My thanks to all who have a go at guessing what the twisted photos are of. This week congratulations and virtual gold stars go to Adrian and TexWisGirl who correctly identified the twisted Sunflower.

IMG_0678     DSCN3190

This week's twisted photo should be a lot easier to identify.
Guess What:

Please leave any guesses in the comments.
They will be revealed next Tuesday, along with the answer.
No prizes. Just for fun and a virtual gold star.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sparrow Family Mealtime

There have been several broods of House Sparrows here. This seems to be the latest with just one youngster.

Junior sat on top of the the Green Man's head. Maybe the spiky hair reminded it of the nest. Mum spent some time hunting around for any insects. House Sparrows are very agile. They can hover for short periods and easily cling to rough vertical surfaces:

Sparrow Family 01

Sparrow Family 02

Most of the time mum watched while dad fetched bits from a nearby peanut feeder:

Sparrow Family 04

Sparrow Family 03

Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday at the Flicks - Baby Snail

As promised earlier in the week here is a short clip of the baby snail.
The body is so transparent I think that is its last meal which can be seen:

Hand held so somewhat wobbly though I did stabilise it a bit in iMovie.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday Twister - Guess What

gold star

Congratulations and virtual gold stars go to Adrian, TexWisGirl, Wilma and Ragged Robin who all worked out that last week's Guess What was a twisted squirrel:

IMG_0661   9324412433_06d56560bd_k

On to the latest twisted photo.
Guess What:

Please leave any guesses in the comments.
They will be revealed next Tuesday, along with the answer.
No prizes. Just for fun and a virtual gold star.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tiny But Perfectly Formed

Just about to put some weeds in the green waste wheelie bin when I spotted this tiny snail on the lid. Fully extended is was no more than 12 mm long. The body was almost transparent as it stretched out moving from rain drop to rain drop.



I was surprised how fast it could move. Wait for Friday to see that.

Small crops from photos taken with the Nikon S9050.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Touch of Country Life

Always nice to see this group of ladies exercising their horses through the village:


Been making the most of the brighter light today. A couple of hefty showers yesterday dumped an inch of rain on us. Could have been worse as Louth, the nearby market town in a valley, had a couple of inches in an hour with the inevitable results. I've experienced being in the shopping area at the bottom of the valley when the heavens open and rain rushed down every steep road, lane and path down to the bottom. Instant paddling pool.

Tomorrow could be wet and windy when the remains of Hurricane / Atlantic Storm Bertha reach us.

I decided to start an additional blog devoted to the Raspberry Pi so I don't clutter up the more nature like happenings on here as I record any disasters or occasional successes with my experiments. Of course I have called it MIDMARSH Pi!
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