Sunday, 23 April 2017

Cymbidium Orchid Number Two

It is about four weeks since the first Cymbidium orchid opened its flowers.
They are still in full bloom with no sign of fading as yet:

DSCN7220 Cymbidium

They have now being joined by the first of the flowers to open on the larger plant:

DSCN7218 Cymbidium

As it has just started opening I expect the colour will improve a bit over the following week.

Nearly in May and the BBC weather forecast for this area for Tuesday to Thursday threatens locally heavy Wintry showers! As it covers all the East Midlands I expect (hope) that will apply more to the higher ground in the Derbyshire Peak District but best to be prepared, just in case. It was only yesterday I put away my snow shovel until next Winter.

An amusing sight I wish I could have photographed last week. A Wood pigeon flew across the garden hotly pursued by a House Sparrow which was only six inches behind the pigeon.  I wish they would do that more often.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Just One

It's about five weeks since I planted the seeds which I hoped would become giant strawberry plants. So far just one has shown signs of life:


Now it's a question of nurturing it to full size and waiting for some runners to produce more plants.

I think I mentioned previously that my wooden lean-to shed was rapidly rotting. I had ordered a plastic shed to replace it. That arrived unannounced yesterday morning so I spent the day demolishing the old and erecting the new:


Astounding what can be achieved with a lump hammer and a wrecking bar!
Plenty of clearing and tidying up left to do once the old joints stop aching a bit.

During the demolition process a movement caught my eye:


One of the garden frogs decided it would be safer to move further away from the action.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Song Thrush

Just happened to glance out of the kitchen window at the right time:




and a bit of video from the previous day:

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Greenhouse Flora and Fauna

Over the past couple of years the greenhouse has been more of a junk store than a growing house so the big clear out has started to get it back to the use it was designed for.

Clearing a bench and shelf made room for the 20 strawberry plants which arrived a couple of days ago, 10 earlies and 10 lates, hopefully for a crop of my favourite food next year:

DSCN7209 strawberry

DSCN7208 strawberry

While moving some of the rubbish out I found a mouse nest made from chewed up frost protection fleece and scuttling around a box was this 2 inch (50mm) beauty:

DSCN7207 spider

It looks to me to be a Eratigena atrica, sometimes called a giant house spider

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Unknown Caterpillar

I am in the process of demolishing a lean to wooden shed as the roof is shot through and the wood rotting. That also gives the opportunity to move a couple of water butts. When I lifted the base of one I spotted this caterpillar hiding underneath:


I made a few attempts at identification but so far drawn a blank. Anyway, see previous post, it's not my month for getting identifications correct. Its length was somewhat over an inch, say about 35mm. After a short while it crept off to find another hiding place.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Moth Identification Using Google Images

Not for the first time when trying to identify something I used the Google search where you can upload a photo and Google will try to find similar images.

Use Google search as normal, enter your search words and start the search. Once the results have loaded choose Images and a camera icon appears in the search bar:

 Screenshot (2017-4-10 6.28.59 pm)

Clicking on the camera allows you to upload a photo or give a URL with the photo you are trying to identify. Once loaded scroll down a bit and click on 'Visually similar images'.

 Screenshot (2017-4-10 6.24.56 pm)

If you are lucky you may be able to scroll through those and find what you want. I say 'if you are lucky' as it is far from perfect and has only worked occasionally for me. Also not all images are named.

I was trying to identify this moth I spotted on Sunday:

DSCN7197    DSCN7195

As luck would have it there was one shown which looked very similar so I think there is a good possibility this is a Poplar Grey moth (Subacronicta megacephala)

Not my month for getting identification correct. Many thanks to Ragged Robin of Ragged Robin's Nature Notes  for pointing out this is an Early Grey not a Poplar Grey Moth.

Monday, 10 April 2017

What Are We Looking At?

Sunday was another glorious hot day with the temperature peaking a little under 25C according to my weather station. Before it got too hot we went for a short walkabout. We ended up on the edge of a large field of oil seed rape. From my eye level I could see a sea of yellow stretching into the distance but for a change I thought I would photograph it from somewhere nearer to Penny's viewpoint:


Not so inspiring. I can see why she concentrates on the smells of the countryside while I appreciate the sights and sounds.
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